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The largest and most influential audience for commercial real estate online

Advertise with CoStar & LoopNet

Reach the largest and most influential audience of people searching for commercial real estate online. Capture the attention of principals and commercial real estate professionals to close deals faster.

The most traffic

With more than 6 million visitors, CoStar LoopNet websites receive 450% more traffic than the next 50 commercial real estate websites.

The most searches

More than 82% of all online commercial real estate searches land on Costar LoopNet websites.


The most deals

More than 84% of all 2016 commercial real estate transactions involved a CoStar LoopNet subscriber.

The most active audience

  • 250k+ Daily listers
  • 5 million+ Monthly visitors
  • 700k+ Daily profile views (property views)
  • 9 million+ Searches
  • 250,000+ Email leads generated per month

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